Me, elsewhere on the internet.

I’m traveling this week, so I wanted to take a minute to point out that I write places other than on this blog.

Jon Entine has a wonderful summary of some recent neonic research at the Huffington Post, which draws heavily from an article I published on Biofortified awhile back. It’s nice to see a skeptical article on HuffPo about agriculture, because they don’t exactly have a great history when it comes to science.

Tomorrow, I will have an article about the chemistry of Swallowtail butterfly defensive secretions at Ask an Entomologist, which is a pet project I’m working on along with a few friends. Ask an Entomologist is a blog where people ask questions about insects, and there are all sorts of resources which are valuable for researchers and students alike. The Resources page is a list of open-access insect keys…and we’re working on more stuff all the time.

I’ll resume posting next week with my normal schedule.


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