New year’s blogging resolutions.

Since it’s the new year, everybody is making lists of the stuff they’d like to do for the year. I’m doing the same, and a lot of my resolutions are fairly standard stuff. I’m going to work out more, and spend more time getting to know people outside of work. I plan to do these by planning more cocktail parties, inviting people over for dinner more often and investing in a fitness watch. I think these sorts of things are essential to my physical and mental well-being.

While I’m doing this, I think I should talk about some of the blogging resolutions I’m making for the new year.

My New Year’s blogging resolutions

1.) Focus on insect physiology.

Insect physiology is something I find really neat. There’s a lot of processes (molting, parasitism, etc) which don’t occur in people…and those which do happen in people (the immune system, for example) are really different in insects.

2.) Write one post about every insect order

There are a lot of neat bug stories in the world, and insects interact with one another in virtually every way imaginable. A lot of these insects aren’t very popular, either. Ask the average person what a Strepsipteran is…and chances are they won’t know. However, they’re one of the most interesting groups of insects!

So I really want to write posts which expose people to a bunch of really new and really obscure animals.

3.) Write one physiology post about every megadiverse order (including Strepsiptera)

This one goes along with the above post. There are several orders, including the bugs (Hemiptera), beetles (Coleoptera), wasps, (Hymenoptera), Butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), and flies (Diptera) which have far more species than the other orders. These are really important for public health and agriculture, so there’s a lot known about them.

4.) Use my own pictures

A lot of the pictures I use, I pull off the internet. I try to use Creative Commons images when I can, but I’d like to rely less on the internet to find my own pictures. I got a new camera for Christmas…so I’ll use that to add pictures.

Right now, I’m just starting to develop some of my post ideas. I will probably be posting a lot more often on Ask an Entomologist, but there is a lot of stuff that I’ll cover on here that won’t fit on there.


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